About the SEO & Marketing Group

The SEO & Marketing Group is a place where SEOs and Marketeers can meet each other, help each other and most importantly: Share their knowledge. Because like Michael Hyatt once said: “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion”

Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.The purpose of the SEO & Marketing Group is connecting people that are interested in SEO & Marketing: Business owners, starting and experienced SEOs or Marketeers, everybody is welcome here.

You can ask questions and even get free advice. But don’t forget to help others too if you can. We encourage members to share their knowledge and experience with the group.

Because by working together and helping each other we can achieve more, faster. And this is exactly what the SEO & Marketing Group is about.

The SEO & Marketing Group is a social group where people are nice to each other. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to behave rudely, to swear or to laugh at people. We only allow constructive criticism. Not everyone is a marketing ninja like you.